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◤ 000 : Prologue | End ◢

May . 01 . 2015

| Hope you enjoyed |
CuteNikeChan, Apr . 30 . 2015     Reply

000 : Prologue | End

|His task has been set,
|The timer starts...

Hope you all enjoyed the prologue!~ Thanks for reading!

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A name? (Guest), May . 03 . 2015     Reply

Your art is so nice >.<
I love how you get emotions out and how shinies you go the eyes! It looks so cute! And it's really nice to see a comic which draws background.

Although you need to work a little on your paneling sometimes it can get a little hard to tell what's going on because the panels don't have a clear direction to follow in a flowing sequence.And also the text boxs can be a little hard to read. A few times their placing made it hard to notice or read since it is slightly faded. I hope I am not being mean ):

The prologue was really cool and I can't wait to see more! Good Luck!!!!

CuteNikeChan, May . 03 . 2015     Reply

Thank you~!
@A name?: Thank you very much!~ I'm really glad you think so ~ I'll be sure to take your comments into consideration~

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