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Saito Tatsumaki, alongside five other Chakra guardians, waged war against their greatest enemy: Michimaru, a man who claims the power to foresee the future, plans to take over Hirgo and become ruler of their world. Losing their fight, the other guardians were abruptly taken hostage and hidden to unknown locations, leaving Saito with the task to find them. Does he have what it takes to get them back and save his only home from eternal darkness? With Hirgo slowly falling under Michimaru's control, this is a quest that Saito can not afford to fail. But perhaps he won't be facing this task alone, because rumor has it that there is one more guardian still lurking around...


Chapter 2 is Releasing Soon!!

Hello, everyone!!! Sorry for the huge delay!

The next chapter will be ready for release very soon! I'm really excited and I hope you all are too! Thank you for your support and be sure to check back soon!

posted by CuteNikeChan @ Jul . 02 . 2017  -  1 comments

Chakra Guardians Released!

Hope you all enjoy the story and join Saito through his quest~

posted by CuteNikeChan @ May . 01 . 2015  -  0 comments

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